Izba Gospodarcza Blockchain i Nowych Technologii | Declaration
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Thank you for your interest in participating in Chamber of Blockchain
and New Technologies

To become a member of the Chamber, please download the participant’s Declaration in PDF format, then print it out, manually fill in the data of Your organization and send it to:

Chamber of Blockchain
and New Technologies, st. Stawki 2 31
00-139 Warsaw

In case of any additional questions, we remain at your disposal at e-mail: kontakt@igbint.pl

In relation to the GDPR Directive, to receive information from us regarding the activities of IGBiNT, subscribe to our newsletter.
All the data (for example, statements of the members), are stored in the headquarters IGBiNT.

We remind you that only a person who is an entrepreneur, i.e. conducts economic activities, can become a member of the Chamber. Individuals will be able to proceed to the Chamber after the adoption of the relevant regulations for the first General Meeting.

Download declaration PDF