Izba Gospodarcza Blockchain i Nowych Technologii | Chamber of Blockchain and New Technologies
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Chamber of Blockchain and New Technologies

What is the PBaNTCC?

The Polish Blockchain and New Technology Chamber of Commerce is an initiative founded by entrepreneurs, members of forum.bitcoin.pl. On April 26 a similar initiative was announced by cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan. According to the Polish letter of law, the Chamber has the legal possibilities allowing it to represent the interests of the entire Blockchain and New Technology industry in a dialogue with public authorities. The idea for creating the Chamber of Commerce was first presented by Sławomir Cieśliński during the first Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Stream conducted by the Ministry of Digitization back in 2016. The wider public heard the idea for an entity which could worthily represent the community in any dialogue with the government from Minister Anna Streżyńska on February 23, 2018, during the premiere of the film entitled “Krypto” in the Warsaw’s Luna cinema.

Postulates of the Chamber of Commerce

  • Total abolition of the PCC (tax on civil law transactions) and adding of exclusion of execution of the tax in case of digital currencies.
  • Introduction of an income tax exemption for turnover of digital currencies.
  • Introduction of the concept of private money to the legal order or amendment of the Foreign Exchange Act with regard to digital currencies.
  • In case of a persistent position regarding the 19% tax rate, adding a de minimis amount for payment transactions below the amounts defined in the AMLD4 Directive requiring full verification by the customer, thus removing the burden of recording small payment transactions by payers; the exclusion of one (as in Germany) or two (as in the Czech Republic) years after the purchase of digital currency units from full income tax collection.
  • Allowing for the possibility of covering liabilities towards administrative bodies and taxes with the use of digital currencies.
  • Immediate protection of the ecosystem attracting foreign startups and capital related to digital currencies to Poland, instead of to Germany.
  • Processing of the project of the act on Simple Publically Listed Company allowing for the use of distributed ledger for tokenising securities.
  • Creation of a sandbox within which companies from the blockchain industry will be able to act freely and significantly increase their pace of development. By default, they should temporarily not be overly limited by the outdated laws which are not adapted to innovative solutions and technologies.
  • Introduction of an obligation for companies to own a bank account. A bank could not deny or terminate a service provided publically to an entrepreneur, also in case they deal with blockchain and digital currency
  • Issuing a general interpretation or changing the law – declaring bloggers and vloggers as creators in terms of the possibility to apply the 50% level of cost of obtaining revenue.
  • Allowing payments of national and local taxes and other fees, e.g. for garbage collection – with the use of digital currencies. Enforcing public entities to set up and maintain addresses for accepting payments in digital currencies.

  • Working towards fulfilling the postulates mentioned in the “Initial goals and postulates” section.
  • Conducting educational activities popularising Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and new technologies, which should cause an increase in turnover for the industry and significantly decrease the costs of operation of public administration and other sectors of the economy.
  • Conducting audits of activities conducted by its members – with the purpose of eliminating practices which are illegal, unethical, or incompliant with the broadly accepted good practices.

Issuing opinions regarding both the technology and legislation.

  • Gathering a group of expert court witnesses.
  • Organizing an arbitration court – both in relation to any disputes between entrepreneurs, including those from outside of the industry and the Chamber and in disputes between entrepreneurs and consumers.
  • supporting members in conducting their activities, facilitating business development and searching for commercial and scientific partnerships.

Chamber of Blockchain and New Technologies have



Management Board of the Chamber of Commerce

On 20/04/2018 more than 40 people vividly debated the possible solutions, presented their observations and integrated with each other to ultimately select the founding committee. Of all those present at the meeting, 7 persons were chosen unanimously to the Founding Board.
Robert Wojciechowski
Chairman of the Board

Expert in the field of strategic marketing and management in different industries. In his career of more than 20 years, he has worked for leading e-commerce, facility management and media companies. He took part in creating the Press Circulation Audit Union and the Polish Readership Study. In 2000 he also organized the Polish Internet Study, where he acted as CEO. For the past 2 years, he has been professionally involved in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. At OAAM Consulting he supports entities in drawing up their Blockchain, crowdfunding and ICO strategies. Privately he is very much involved in his community and in activities benefiting children and education. He is a father of three.

Łukasz Zgiep
Member of the Board

Ph.D. in Economics specialises in new business models for collaborative and sharing economy and in Blockchain technology. He connects innovative startups with private investors and venture capital funds. Co-founder of ZANDS.IT, Move Smart - artificial intelligence for transportation, CrowdWay.pl - equity crowdfunding, Blockchain Alliance - market education. For over 10 years he built close ties with the internet industry. innovation leader at www.zgiep.com. Privately enthusiast of new technologies, travels and drones.

Rafał Kiełbus
Member of the Board

Related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2011. Passionate about blockchain and a self-taught programmer. He sold the first bitcoins he mined (and still regrets it) for 40 PLN, which gives him a good perspective on the market. Recently works with the Polish Blockchain Technology Accelerator as a software developer. Holds a vocational diploma in electronics, for over 15 years he has worked at an automobile workshop as computer systems diagnostician. Privately: the only Totally Evil Moderator of forum.bitcoin.pl, Aikido enthusiast, father of three.

Filip Pawczyński
Vice Chairman of the Board

He runs FP IT Management, the company which manufactured and introduced into the market the fastest device in its class which allows for processing of Bitcoin transactions - Bi•Fury USB ASIC Bitcoin Miner; so far the only such company in Poland. He is the only Pole to ever give an interview in the printed version of the prestigious “Bitcoin Magazine”. Founder and Chairman of the Polish Bitcoin Association - a non-profit organization helping the community to understand the potential of Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology.

Jakub Mościcki
Vice Chairman of the Board

Jakub Mościcki is an alumnus of Kozminski University with a major in finance and accounting, he also holds an engineering degree in computer science. His area of interest focuses on the intersection of two fields: finance and technology. He is also an active investor in the financial markets with over 15 years of experience. He is the chairman and co-founder of the first company offering security measures for client deposits on cryptocurrency exchanges - Crypto Security Fund.

Lech Wilczyński
Member of the Board

Co-founder of InPay S.A., the first Bitcoin payment processor in Poland, member of the parliamentary Commission for Digitization, Innovation and New Technologies, an alumnus of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw with majors in Robotics and Multiagent Systems and Software Development. Member of the Polish Bitcoin Association. Promoter of implementation of digital currencies.

Legal powers of the Chamber of Commerce

The benefits to the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry resulting from the foundation of the Chamber of Commerce. (The act of May 30, 1989, on chambers of commerce).

Additionally art. 5 of the act. states as follows;

A Chamber of Commerce may, in particular, engage in the following:

  1. create conditions for economic growth and support the commercial activities of its members;
  2. in cooperation with the proper educational institutions, support vocational education, support training within workplaces and professional development of employees;
  3. upon invitation from public authorities delegate its representatives to participate in the work of consulting and opinion-forming institutions in matters related to production, trade, construction or the service industry;
  4. organize and create conditions for the settlement of disputes by means of amicable and conciliatory proceedings and take part, based on separate regulations, in court proceedings in relation to the commercial activity of its members;
  5. issue opinions regarding existing customs related to commercial activity;
  6. inform on the functioning of entrepreneurs and issue opinions on the state of economic development within the scope of interest of the Chamber.

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