Statutory rights of Chamber of Commerce

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Statutory rights of Chamber of Commerce

benefits of setting up a chamber for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry (The Chamber of Commerce act, 30.05.1989)

Representation of the participants interests

particularly with state bodies ie the Polish Financial Supervision Authorities, National Revenue Administration, but also including banks, which is a burning problem (article 2 of the chamber of commerce act)

Shaping and disseminating the principles of ethics

eg. fair practices. It’s possible to take patronage upon the code of good practice, already created by the blockchain business (article 3 of the chamber of commerce act)

Giving opinions on legislation

regarding functioning of the economy, including taking part in the preparations for new laws - one vote in relevant comittees etc. (article 4 of the chamber of commerce act).

A possibility to review existing regulations

article 4 of the chamber of commerce act

The ability to fulfill administrative tasks

The chamber can also, either by application or by its own cognition, based on the bylaws, participate in activities reserved for administration. This particular law can give the chamber the possibility of supervision in terms of ethics or good practice in regard to the blockchain business,

Possibility of demanding information from authorities relevant to the functioning of the chamber

this particular right seems stronger than the right to public information.

The Chamber could join the National Chamber of Commerce - and this creates another unprecedented opportunity - for example - additional arguments in the dispute with banks - art. 11 of the Act.

Additional rights

precised in article 5 of the aforementioned act. A chamber of commerce can particularly:
a) participate in creating conditions for economic growth and support economic initiatives coming from its participants,
b) support, in cooperation with relevant educational entities, the development of professional education and the professional training of employees
c) delegate its participants, after being invited by authorities, to participate in consulting works related to relevant business
d) organise and enforce conditions for settlement using an arbitrage court and participating in court proceedings relating to the business conducted by the chambers participants
e) give opinions regarding customs in particular business
f) inform about the functioning of entrepreneurs and give opinions about the business development inside of the chamber

Inicjatywę WSPIERAJĄ

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About Chamber

The Chamber of Blockchain and New Technologies represents the interests of the industry under the applicable Polish law. Education, cooperation with education and government bodies, shaping the principles of good practices, supporting the economic development of Poland, resolving disputes with offices - all this is a small portion of the possibilities of IGBiNT.
One of the most important rights of the Chamber is the possibility of creating and giving opinions on laws regarding the interests of its members and the entire industry.


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