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  • Premiere of the movie called "Krypto"


    LUNA Cinema, Warsaw - Minister Anna Streżyńska at the premiere of the film "Krypto" publicly states that the government has no partner to talk about the shape of blockchain legislation on the business side and that it will be necessary to set up a legal existence that might change this state.

  • Group of enthusiasts - and their unification


    A group of people with very similar interests, ideas about the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and modern technologies is uniting on one of the Internet messengers (Telegram). The group includes, among others: Piotr Bień (the founding committee of the IGBiNT), Piotr Ostrowski (MelomanBTC), Karol Stańczak (website, social).

  • KAS demands


    The National Tax Administration asks for the provision of data of its users (as it turns out later: in the exceeded scope) to crypto exchanges and cantors operating in Poland.

  • IGBiNT - for the first time

    02/04/2018 user - Badger (and at the same time one of the main initiators of the Chamber) creates a public topic available to anyone browsing the forum with the proposal to collect a declaration of 100 entities ready to create a Chamber.

  • Message from the Ministry of Finance


    The Ministry of Finance publishes a statement 26 days before end of tax period. Statement shows the tax consequences of trading in cryptocurrencies in terms of PIT, VAT and PCC taxes. The message literally kills the cryptocurrency industry in Poland, and might led cryptocurrency holders into a spiral of tax debts.

  • IGBiNT - akumulacja sił


    Karol Stańczak (website, social) and Piotr Bień (founding committee) meet with Krzysztof Piech, Minister Anna Streżyńska and Polish Parliament Deputy Jacek Wilk on the idea from the environment for the formation of the Chamber. All mentioned personalities express interest in the idea, declare support and share their insights.

  • The first meeting of the Parliamentary Team to the Cryptocurrencies Case


    Jacek Wilk (polish parliament deputy) organizes the first meeting of the Parliamentary Team to the Cryptocurrencies Case. The conversations in the corridors allowed to work out more common points of contact between the branches surrounding blockchain and crypto shpere and establishing closer relations between the persons present at the meeting.

  • Crypto happening in front of the MF building

    20/04/2018 godz. 13

    A happening under the slogan "[i]We want to pay simple taxes from cryptocurrencies[/i]" is organized in front of the Ministry of Finance building. Happening is organized jointly by, among others, Trading Jam, FxMag, Polish Bitcoin Association, Stop Banking Lawlessness Association , Cryptography Institute and Comparic. A total of 22 people were responsible for the organization.

  • First meeting of parties interested in IGBiNT

    20/04/2018 godz. 18

    The very first meeting of entities interested in establishing and later participating in the Chamber of Blockchain and Modern Technologies. Over 40 people debated live, exchanged their proposals regarding the Chamber's activities, and in the final settlement chose the Founding Committee in the form of 4 representatives.

  • First meeting of the IGBiNT Founding Committee


    Representatives of the IGBiNT Founding Committee composed of: Robert Wojciechowski, Łukasz Zgiep, Piotr Bień and Rafał Kiełbus met together in order to plan the next steps that will lead to the legal creation of IGBiNT. One of the effects of the meeting is the establishment of an Association under the name of Association of Blockchain and Modern Technologies (in polish SBiNT).

  • The second meeting of parties interested in IGBiNT


    At the meeting, we will present a full action plan for the coming months and we will complete the membership declarations of subsequent entities interested in the Chamber.

Inicjatywę WSPIERAJĄ

Firmy, które okazały nam wsparcie na dowolnym etapie powstawania IGBiNT.

About Chamber

The Chamber of Blockchain and New Technologies represents the interests of the industry under the applicable Polish law. Education, cooperation with education and government bodies, shaping the principles of good practices, supporting the economic development of Poland, resolving disputes with offices - all this is a small portion of the possibilities of IGBiNT.
One of the most important rights of the Chamber is the possibility of creating and giving opinions on laws regarding the interests of its members and the entire industry.


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